Take my money and take my job. Take my car and take my home. But leave me my dog for without the love of that percious soul, I'd be truly alone.

About Us

Marcus and Marcy


Marcus and Marcy Grauerholz





We are a husband and wife team who have owned dogs all our lives. In 1994 we got our first Australian Shepherd, Dude, and we were hooked on this incredible breed.


Dude Dolly

We began actively showing our Aussies in 1999 in conformation.


In October 2013, we brought our first Berger Picard into our home. We researched the breed and spent almost a year around other Berger Picards before making the decision that this was a breed we wanted to help preserve and bring awareness to in this country.


His herding instrincts are a bit different from the Aussies but his fun and giving nature has made him a welcome new addition to our family.

All of our dogs are first and foremost our family pets and companions and live in the house as members of our family. They even go on vacation with us! We love each one dearly.


Our grandsons are always visiting and help socalize our dogs from day one. We trust all of our dogs with our grandsons.Temperment is the most important factor we consider when deciding to breed a litter, followed closely by structure.

We decided upon Greywood as our kennel name based on our German heritage. "Greywood" is derived from our German last name. Grauerholz loosely translates into keeper of the gray wood or dark wood...so Greywood it is. Much easier to remember and pronounce!.


Greywood supports the USASA and ASCA stand on Mini/Toy Australian Shepherds

Neither the United States Australian Shepherd Association, the Australian Shepherd Club of America or the American Kennel Club recognizes Miniature Australian Shepherds or Toy Australian Shepherds as a variety of the Australian Shepherd. These dogs are considered a distinct and separate breed. They are not eligible for registration by the AKC, ASCA or USASA. We accept the breed standards recognized by the UKC, ASCA, AKC and parent clubs and breed to preserve those standards. To read the full statements, click on the following links.


Australian Shepherd Club of America

United States Australian Shepherd Club-Miniature American Shepherd Club formed